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creme brulee

I’ve always wanted to make creme brulee but for whatever reason I didnt! So last Vday Hubby and I had dinner at Pearl bar and dining( Bellevue square) and for dessert I ordered their mocha creme brulee and it was so good that I promised myself I’m gonna make this at home! Off we went to the grocery store and home depot to get the necessary “gadget”, hello blowtorch!!!

The Inspiration

so excited to try other creme brulee recipe!

so expensive,next time i will just use vanilla extract

eggs and sugar mixture

cream and vanilla bean mixture

mixing the cream gradually to the egg mixture

getting ready for the oven!

looks so yummy already..need to be patient coz will take a while to cool them then 4-5 hours to chill in the ref!

almost there! sprinkle sugar..

so excited to do this! lol

little messy! but we are happy with the result!

We are happy with the result of our first creme brulee making adventure! I cannot wait to try other recipes like the coffee creme brulee and triple chocolate creme brulee!


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