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Steak Tacos

I wanted to try Tyler Florence’s recipe, Tacos Carne Asada, because I love carne asada but I didn’t have half of the ingredients.  So I searched online for a simple steak tacos recipe but I thought plain salt and pepper would not bring out the best in my beef sirloin so I just added other spices and herbs to marinade the beef.  Again, I just “eyeball” the seasonings.


Beef Sirloin Steak
Salt, Pepper
Red pepper flakes,cayenne pepper,cumin powder,olive oil,cilantro,lime juice (marinade seasonings)
Flour/corn tortillas

marinated beef for 2 hours!

grilled it for 5 minutes total!

looking good

toppings! red onion,tomatos,lettuce,cheddar cheeses,avocado

Zach's tacos!

side dish!

fave juice


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