The Adventures of a Calamari Queen

Filipina Foodie


Last Friday we had sushi at home.  This is not the first time we did this, but I can honestly say that this was more “special.”  We made some rolls and had salmon and tuna sashimi, along with calamari salad!  I didn’t plan to have sushi that night but Hubby ordered a box of “uni” (sea urchin eggs) at our local Issaquah fish market and it’s not my fave so I suggested maybe we get salmon so we’ll have a little sushi party!  Hubby got so excited and suggested we go to the Asian Market (Uwajimaya@ Bellevue).  So off we go to the market, I stayed in the car because Riley was with us coz I dont want him alone in the house with him still recovering from his surgery!  My hubby can be an impulsive buyer! hehe, I SPECIFICALLY told him to get salmon but he ended up buying lots of fish that will last us for another day!  I ate too much sushi that night, I think I’ll have sushi again next year!


calamari salad,my fave!

thanks to my hubby for slicing preparing the whole thing!

tuna and salmon rolls!

sushi set that we used for the first time,had this for 2 years now!



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