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Red velvet cupcakes, the easy way!

I Love Ina Garten!  I’ve seen all of her shows/episodes on her Food Network show Barefoot Contessa!  Aside from the fact that her recipes are easy and she’s so in love with Jeffrey!  I think she has the best kitchen on any food network show!!  How I adore her kitchen and her 8 burner stove, 2 dishwashers!  LOL..Im feeling lucky that we have a little specialty store here in Issaquah where I can easily buy some of Ina Garten’s products, although I’ve checked it online and found that you can also buy her products on the Barefoot Contessa website (I’ve never done this yet).

I made a not so yummy corned beef dish the other day, so I wanted to compensate with a yummy dessert to make up for it.  I especially love the frosting of this cupcake recipe, creamy and sweet!  You can check the recipe on the food network of this Red velvet recipe if ever you’re up for making cupcakes from scratch!



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One thought on “Red velvet cupcakes, the easy way!

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