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Corned beef and cabbage with herb buttered potatoes!

I was really excited to prepare this corned beef dish because growing up in the PI we only had the canned “purefoods” corned beef which we prepared with scrambled eggs breakfast style.  So when my father in-law Phil brought over  this meat, I immediately looked online specifically Foodnetwork to check some corned beef recipe that’s easy (coz this is my first time to deal with “real corned beef”)..This Sandra Lee recipe caught my attention because it looked simple and I had all of the ingredients and I’ve always wanted to use our slow cooker so I thought this was perfect!  The cooking time was around 8 hours, so I prepared all the ingredients mid morning so by dinner time everything would be ready to eat!

getting ready in the slow cooker..see yah after 8 hours!

after 12 hours.

So after 8 hours, I still find the meat kinda hard so hubby suggested to add another 4 hours because he agreed that the meat is not as tender as we thought it should be after 8 hours..By this time I decided to stir-fry some easy dinner because Sandra Lee’s recipe failed us!LOL…so to conclude I will not prepare this again because after 12 hours in the slow cooker,the meat was dry and tasted awful if you ask me,hubby said it’s OK..such a waste of money and time but then I learned a thing about corned beef: DO NOT USE SANDRA LEE’s recipe!


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