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Our Love Story!

This April 5th (today!!), we will be celebrating our 3rd year as husband and wife!  I love being married to my wonderful husband Zach.  Aside from my family, he really is the greatest gift God has given me.  Everyday I always say a “thank you Lord” for giving me my husband because I don’t want to take things for granted and I know I’m so blessed to have a husband like him :-).

August 15, 2005 the day I met my husband online, 2pm (PI time) and 10pm (Seattle time).  I wasn’t really expecting to meet my future hubby on the other side of the world.  I took the local Philippine nursing board exam June 2005, someone texted me that around August the result will be released, so August 15 I got a text from a classmate saying that today the result will come out.  For whatever reason our computer at home was broken (so unusual for our computer to not work) so I had to go to the nearest “internet cafe” because I cannot wait any longer to see the result!  So there in the cafe, I paid my $1 fee (i think 50 pesos that time) and you can use their computer for 2 hours or so.  After waiting for like 5, 10 minutes, still no exam result, I asked my cousin who I brought along with me, “What can I do here?”  I didn’t have a Facebook account around 2005, so he suggested why don’t you just “chat”.  I responded “I don’t want to talk to mean and jerky people”..LOL! so he said “go to a Christian chatroom” maybe lot’s of “nice” people there! So he took care of that.  It was such a random chat room.  All I remember was that it’s a yahoo christian he asked me “what’s your nickname”, I said “vannurse”..after having my so called nickname “vannurse”,  someone messaged me asking  “Do you enjoy being a nurse?” so I politely explained “I’m not a registered nurse yet, Im here coz I’m waiting for the result to see if I passed!”..BTW, that someone is Zach here in Washington who is online most of the time because of his work (he’s a software Engineer).I asked him what made him go to that Christian chat room and he said he got bored from work and hadn’t explored the yahoo chat rooms before, but was enjoying listening to some people debate scripture. ( how random!).  After this “initial” explaining He started talking about his relationship with the Lord, and asked me if I’m a I have to ask “Are you a pastor?”..I’m thinking if this guy is a pastor I’d better be careful here!  haha..  He asked for my email and after that asked if it’s Ok to email I didn’t care and said whatever, I mean who takes chatting the first time seriously?  He emailed me anyways, but I only read it after 1 week when our computer at home was fixed.. So we started emailing each other, texting, phone call and around november 2005 he wanted to visit me in the PI, I said’s too soon!! I finally said “OK” you can visit me January, 2007 and you have to ask my parents permission!!  I’m playing hard to get and testing his patience..most guys probably wouldn’t wait for almost 2 years just to visit someone!  Asking my parents to visit me was so foreign to him especially since I was 23 and he was 25 that time..Hey, I’m a conservative Filipina! Lol!

1st picture ever!


we had a traditional Filipino wedding..


Between 2005-2007 before allowing him to visit me, we’ve been praying about our relationship, especially on my part because Zach is my first boyfriend.  Before seriously saying Yes to him, I always prayed to God that I wanted my first boyfriend to be my husband.  Unlike some women they want to date around and get lots of experience or whatever!  For me, I just wanted the “right” person that God wants me to be with!  I know what I wanted.  I wanted a Christian guy who will make me a better person and servant of God!  God’s timing is just amazing!  I had my boyfriend when I was 23 (others have boyfriends when they’re 13, so I’m a late bloomer! LOL) got married at 26 and now celebrating our 3rd year as married couple!  Whenever we talked about how we met,we really are amazed at how God’s timing works and His control over the whole thing!

with the Reverends!


We are now content with our little Riley until God blesses us with a child at some point in the future.  Thus concludes the beginning of our love story.

Home, we are so blessed!

Christmas 2010 with our Riley!


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