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Anniversary Dinner@home!

So today Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and we wanted to just stay at home and celebrate later this week!  We wanted to invite Zach’s parents because we prefer to celebrate it with family (wish my family were our neighbors too)..Zach’s sis couldn’t make it because of prior commitments!  We prepared steaks and roasted potatoes / sweet potatoes, cornmeal fried onions (all Ina Garten Recipe) .  Ina’s recipe is simple, easy and special, after all it is a special celebration for us.  So we decided to use Ina’s steak recipe because I’ve seen her episode on this one and I was really amazed at how simple the steaks were to prepare..”seared then put in the oven”, how easy is that?..Off to whole foods (whole paycheck…hehe) to get filet mignon and our fave dessert wine (only found in whole foods too).. I also prepared a chicken dish (similar to chicken cordon blue) because my mom in law is not into steak!  The steaks were salty for our taste but still good, we love the Roquefort chive sauce too.. We will definitely do this again but will adjust the salt that Ina called for!  I had a lovely evening with my hubby and special to be with people who guide and continue to be an inspiration in our marriage 🙂

used my beautiful lenox butterfly collection

love "springy" in our table!


sweet potatoes

red potatoes

chicken cordeun blue something

so important to season the steaks very well!


ready for the onions

cornmeal fried onions

roasted sweet potato and red potato

so good!!

happy tummy because of you steaks!LOL

how come we can only get this at whole foods?hmmm

roquefort chive easy but so good!

for my mom inlaw!

from tne latest foodnetwork book!

if you want the recipe,im too tired to write it here!


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