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Morton’s Steakhouse @ Seattle

Last Friday night, hubby and I had a late celebration of our 3 years of marital bliss! He’s really busy this week that’s why we planned to have it on a Friday night. We had a Morton gift certificate from my parent in-laws last year from our bday.  I’ve been really wanting to experience Morton’s steakhouse!  Before heading out we already “planned” what we’re gonna order because based on our dining experiences we always end up ordering too much.  I’m not really a big fan of left overs, especially steaks.  So the “plan” was to just get 2 appetizers, 2 main entrees, 1 side dish, share a dessert! We stuck to the plan and hubby got a mojito for his drink! All in all it was a nice experience, the food was great and service too. Despite that, we didnt order a lot this time, we still have left over steak because I couldn’t finish my filet mignon, I was kinda full before the main entree were served, Oh well!!

for a change!lol


so good..

morton's mojito

table presentation of their different steak cut! so cool:)

wala lang!

tuna tartare,so fresh! (tomato,avocado,tuna)

crab cake

our salad (lettuce,egg,anchovies)

double cut filet with bernaise sauce

my order! filet mignon oscar style(with lump crab meat,asparagus)

chocolate mousse

waiting for racumen!


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