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Last weekend, we “dogsat” our friends dog, Peanut!  I think she is a mixed breed (doberman and lab) not sure if I’m right!  Peanut is such a good dog, she was well behaved and very obedient.  Riley had fun playing with her and they really got along very well.  It’s just funny because they are very opposite in size, Riley, a mini schnauzer, and Peanut is not so mini :-).. Saturday morning we woke up early so we can have the dog park to ourselves and the 2 dogs had the grandest time!  It was quite a busy weekend for me because I had two shadows following me most of the time..very fun weekend!

saturday morning,about to go to the dog park!

getting along

hanging out in the kitchen

Riley showing off to Peanut, he's allowed in the second floor while she's not!LOL

nap time

Riley wants to play while Peanut is not in the mood!


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