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Beef and Broccoli

I’ve made this recipe before and we really liked it!  I had left over broccoli from last week and I’m kinda sick and tired of the usual steamed I decided to just prepare the broccoli this way.  At least the sauce helped to add so much flavor.  I think the cornstarch made all the difference because the meat was so tender and just melts in your mouth!  I’m not sure if the cornstarch did the trick or the beef was just so thinly sliced..Anyways, the whole preparation and cooking time was so quick, like less than 10 minutes (excluding the marinating time of 2 hours). Dinner time is so much easier whenever I do the prep work ahead of time.  This cuts down on the time needed for cooking and saves us money too!  If I’m not cooking, I tend to ask the hubby to just buy fast food (KFC, Mcdonalds, Pizza!).


1 pound steak ( I used tenderloin,thinly sliced)

1 tbsp soy sauce,1 tsp fish sauce,3 tbsp oyster sauce,1 tsp cornstarch,1 tsp sesame oil, 2-3 garlic,cooking oil,pepper,1/4 water


Mix the thinly sliced beef with the soy sauce,fish sauce,oyster sauce,cornstarch, sesame oil,garlic, pepper. Marinate for couple of hours (2-3 hours).

Heat the oil in a wok, toss the marinated meat and cook quickly! Add the broccoli,keep tossing until well coated with the sauce,add water if it starts to look dry. Keep tossing until meat is cooked and broccoli is crisp!


marinate for 2 hours



I also fried danggit!


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