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Space Needle

Zach’s company had a dinner party in Seattle’s Space Needle today!  So much fun to see his co-workers and their families, it was such a fun evening.  Yummy sushi and spring rolls for appetizers, tacos and pasta for dinner and cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, custard and flan for dessert,and bottomless drinks too( beer,wine,sodas).  I didn’t take pics during our dinner to provide privacy ( we don’t want to announce that anyone ate 4 tacos, 5 salmon rolls, 2 cheesecake, etc!).  I just love Seattle during this time of day.  We got lucky that the weather was nice too so we got to see the beautiful city (puget sound, lake union). They also played some games like Roulette and Blackjack!  It’s such a blessing that my husband works for a good company!  To know that people value his contribution and appreciate his work…what a wonderful night…

space needle


kinda windy!

lake union


love the view

puget sound



wish it's real 10,000$


pasta section

too cute!



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