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Milkfish, sushi, brisket sandwich..

Last Saturday, I had to renew my PI passport in Tacoma Washington (1 hour drive from home) and somethings never change in the Philippine government.  It takes 3 hours just to give your old passport, new application, money!  It’s always an ordeal whenever I have to deal with government people:( ..I have to wait 3 months for my new passport to arrive here in Washington (meaning I’m stuck here in US) but I’m not complaining:-)..After a grueling Saturday morning hubby asked me where I want to have lunch, and it just happend that filipino resto is on our way back home so we stopped and ate there!  I have realized that hubby likes milkfish(bangus) our national fish in PI.  Don’t ask me why we always have “national” for almost anything (national fish, plant, tree, dish, you name it PI has a national title for it! lol). Then we had sushi after church and beef brisket for dinner! yummy food for our weekend!

daing na bangus

blurry pic, this lechon kawali

calamansi juice and bangus

my fave sushi

soft shell crabs

some of hubby's order

going to make caramelize onion for beef brisket sandwich

beef brisket

you get the picture!



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