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Mother’s day weekend!

What a busy and yet great weekend!  Friday night we had a late cinco de mayo celebration with some of our couple friends!  We had fajitas, guacamole, salsa, leche flan and hubby made some yummy drinks(mojito, pina colada) then we played this game called “Dominion” lots of fun!  Saturday, we celebrated my mom in-laws 60th birthday, we had take out chinese food from our fave chinese restaurant here in Issaquah, had yummy chocolate cake and she opened her gifts!  She doesn’t look like she’s 60, so fit and just gorgeous for a 60 year old woman:-) Then today, we headed to hubby’s Grandma’s to celebrate mothers day and another celebration for mom in-laws 60th!  We had portobella mushroom lasagna (Ina Garten’s recipe) it was so good!  I cannot wait to try that recipe:)  It was great seeing everyone and just enjoying each other’s company!

flan ( a smiling flan)

mango and black bean salsa

blurry pic of our fajita station!

playing Dominion


turkey sandwich from panera bread,saturday brunch!

patiently waiting for turkey leftover

shrimps and chinese pork bbq

roses and bday cake

bday wish!

mother's day dinner

cards (mothers day and bday cards)

another bday cake!

someones enjoying the yummy cake!

zach's "creation"

Hope you had a great mother's day weekend! happy mother's day to all moms:)


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