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Daing na bangus and Guinamos (shrimp paste)

Daing na bangus has gotta be one of my fave dishes in PI!  I’m so lucky because seafood city market is here in Washington, so whenever I miss food from PI there’s always a place to go to get my asian food cravings!  Bangus (milkfish) is the national fish of the Philippines (because of its abundance in the country).  I usually have it grilled but Hubby prefers it a little crispy.  I wasn’t really in the mood to clean our grill so I just gave in to Hubby’s preference!  I also sauteed shrimp paste with tomatoes!  If you’re not from the Philippines you will most likely hate the smell of shrimp paste, it has that distinct pungent smell!  I’ve heard some stories where a Filipina wife prepared shrimp paste and one of their neighbor called 911 because the smell coming out of their house was just too stinky for them!LOL…I rarely prepare it now because I feel sorry for my husband  and our whole house..

marinated the fish with soysauce,lemon juice,pepper



tomatoes for the shrimp paste

shrimp paste!


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