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Jesus Christ Superstar!

Last Friday night we watched the musical show Jesus Christ Superstar with my In laws. The musical was just OK for me, I don’t think I will watch it again.  Although I enjoyed some of the songs especially Mary Magdalene’s part (the singer reminds me of Filipina singer “Charice”, petite but she can really sing! Some of the scenes of the play was awkward, like there’s a part where Mary and Jesus kissed and clearly projecting that they are romantically involved! WTH…  My husband said don’t take it seriously, but still don’t the people behind the show READ THE BIBLE? hehe. Guess I expected a lot from this production. Before the show we had dinner at La Costa (mexican resto) and I ordered the same dish again (for the nth time) Carne Asada.  The steak was so good (loved the charcoal flavor of it).  Here’s some of the pics Hubby took!

Carne Asada

Zach's ( i don't remember the name of this dish)

Carne Asada, Dad in Law ordered it too..

chicken mole, mom in laws food!

Anniversary gift from parents in law!!

Team Purple!


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