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Today I’m linking up with Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for what she calls “gratituesday”.  You should link up with her if you are grateful for something today (and everyday).

This week I’m grateful that:

I’m grateful that the Lord has given me and my Hubby an opportunity to help someone this week and be a blessing.

I’m grateful that I have a loving husband.  He is so kind and he just has all kinds of patience for me!  There were times this week when I just wanted to not do anything, times when you want to cry but you don’t know why you want to cry (with all the “end of the world news, tornado, missing family and friends, hormones = too much for me).  You know that you need to do something but you just “avoid” doing it.  Yeah, I’ve been having those days lately.  But thank God for my husband because he’s quick to remind me that God is in control!

I’m grateful that for a couple of days the weather here in Washington was sunny and that I’m able to wear my flipflops for 3 days in a row(last week!!)..Now it’s just typical grey, but I’m Ok with that:)

Thankful for coupons! hehe, since I started watching TLCs extreme couponing, I started doing it myself but not the “extreme way ” like what you see in the show.  I was so happy that I got this Hershey’s candy for just 1$ when the original price was 3 $..2 $ saved thanks to coupons:) “wooohoo!! LOL! makes me laugh.. I’m starting to “collect” chocolates and candies because before the year ends, I’ll be visiting PI and I have lots of little cousins who will be so happy to get these little goodies that I’ve started to buy for them.

I’m grateful for moments like these:

bad angle for my arm!hehe, it's not that big in real life:) nose to nose with Riley!

Riley thinks he's a little person!

just beautiful!


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