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Tortang talong/eggplant fritters/omelette

Tortang talong or Eggplant omelette is a popular dish in PI.  Growing up I remember they are always in our school cafeteria.  I think it’s cheap yet delicious.  It’s so easy to make but one needs patience to prepare this dish.  You need to roast, peel, fry the eggplant!  Last week we went to the asian market here in WA so I saw these eggplants and the only way I have eggplant is if it is prepared this way (I’m not picky eater, promise!).  The grilling part is not my fave, but this is a very important part of the cooking process, after that stage it’s like you’re almost done:)

Roast/grill eggplants! Think like you're roasting red peppers..

It was kinda raining outside so I had to do it inside!  HA! even if it’s not raining I’d rather grill it this way, easy to “control” the eggplant and I can adjust the heat:)

after grilling, told you just like peppers!

skin/peel eggplants..

flatten the eggplant using a fork!

I used garlic sea salt and pepper..

beat some eggs

heat olive oil!




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