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Filipina Foodie

Flat Iron Grill

This resto is only 10 minutes away from our place!  I think we’re lucky that a lot of good restos are just couple of minutes away from us, so whenever we are craving for yummy food we don’t have to go to Seattle or Bellevue just to eat delicious food:).  I got a 20$ off coupon from Flat Iron grill in the mail last week and suggested to hubby that we put it to use!  After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble, where I found the latest book of hubby’s favorite all time series, “The Wheel of Time, Towers of Midnight – Book 12 of 13”, then we watched the movie Bridesmaid! Love date nights with my hubby!

Picada Plate : mt. townsend creamery cheeses, pork rillete, proscuitto, bar nuts, olives, crostini & fig mustardo

chef's special dish that day! forgot the name of this dish..

flat iron steak! 🙂


so happy to see Robert Jordan's book!

lights camera action! So I asked him to pretend that he's super excited!bwahahaha

apparently he's not pretending!he can't wait to read the book..


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