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Father’s Day Weekend!

We had  great father’s day weekend with my In laws:-)  We had steak and yummy side dishes!  We wanted to have a special dinner for my Dad In law and family before they’ll leave for their Hawaii vacation tomorrow!  Zach prepared the steaks (he made 2 sauces, Bernaise and blue cheese both Ina Garten recipe) while I took care of the side dishes while my mom in law did dessert:).  Happy Father’s day to all of the special father’s out there! Thinking of my dad and brother in PI too! I miss them, but we’ll be seeing them soon. I’m so excited:)

Hubby makes bernaise sauce from scratch:)

chaos in the kitchen!

roasted tomato with gorgonzola and herbs (Giada De laurentee recipe)

filet mignon and aged new york strip!

roasted asparagus with melon and prosciutto(giada again)

dinner outside!

cornmeal onion rings(Ina GArten)

closer look!


aged new york strip!

filet mignon(ina garten recipe)



my loves!



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