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fred meyer trip!

For my Fred Meyer Trip this week, with sales and coupons I paid $12 for all of these but I got $6 worth of catalinas (cash rewards I can use for future shopping).  So basically I only paid $6.  The Pantene shampoos were like .33 cents each (after I used coupons).

Target Trip

I paid $22 for my Target trip yesterday.  If I was only paying attention to the cashier I would have only paid $19 for all of these because the Method all purpose spray was Buy 3, get 1 free hand soap but she still charged me for it (when it should be free).  I only noticed when we are out already and wasn’t up for going back to the cashier for the $3 hand soap ( I guess I’m not that much of an extreme couponer yet!).  I didn’t have coupons for the ice cream and bread with me too (I had them at home and wasn’t planning to buy them) but hubby wants them, so anything for my hard working hubby!LOL…

Got this from amazon this week! this book is so funny!!

Pick Another Checkout Lane, honey!(save BIG money and make the grocery aisle your catwalk) from the Krazycouponlady!


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