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Grilled tuna belly!

My Parent In laws just got back from the ocean this weekend, and we asked them to get us some tuna bellies.  I grew up eating a lot of tuna belly (grilled), it’s part of our usual Sunday lunch with family.  Now that I’m married to my hubby, it makes me laugh to see him eat tuna belly like a typical Filipino.  He loves it big time!  He savors it like the layers of meat are the most delicate type of fish meat ever!  I always tease him that if it was not for me, he would be missing a lot in the world of tuna belly:).  So this is very simple dish, I marinated the belly with a little soy sauce, olive oil, pepper and garlic. Grilled it 4 minutes each side.

tuna belly


grilling time



pad thai


so good


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