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Weekend Fun: Leavenworth, WA (part 1)

We spent a great day at Leavenworth, WA. yesterday and it was such a nice day to visit the lovely town:)  It was so nasty going there (pouring rain, foggy, windy) but so worth it when we finally arrived and enjoyed the place during the Fall season!  We spent our New Years 2010 here and got to see Leavenworth during the wintertime, and let me tell you, it’s really the classic winter wonderland place:)  I was excited because it’s Rosell’s (my sis) and Riley’s (our cute Schnauzer) first time to see the place.  It was such a perfect day to be there, sunny and the changing of the leaves colors, so many fun things to experience.  We did some wine and beer tasting, ate a yummy Italian dinner, and shopped at Smallwood farmers market!  I’ll have 2 posts of our Leavenworth adventure because Hubby took a lot of nice pictures that I want to share everybody:)


some kind of a squash?!hehe

crazy name!

all kinds of mustard are here!

dried candy/fruit


so many kinds of jamssssssss...



loving this place


hello fall!





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