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We had a nice NYE celebration at home! We had my inlaws and  our friends. 2011 was one challenging year for me! I’m grateful for the year 2011, but I’m so glad that it’s over and I’m just looking forward to our 2012!!! Here’s some photos of our NYE celebration.

meatballs,chicken marsala pasta

beef short ribs sliders



happy new year hubs!

with friends and MIL

my Inlaws,Sis IL, Parents IL!

playing crap or fact!

chocolate fondue

for the fondue

happy NY!!


my cutie love love Riley!


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3 thoughts on “NYE/2012

  1. Hello to that spread!!!! That food looks delicious. All beautiful photos. Can you (if it’s not too much to ask) name the food in photos #1 and #2 please? Thank you!

    Happy New Year!!!

    • Hi! Happy New Year to you too:) We had (photo #1) meatballs, Chicken with mustard Mascarpone marsala sauce(Giada de Laurentii recipe),cheese platter & french bread,vegetable tray. Photo#2,we had Chips and salsa, Beef short ribs sliders(sauce on the side)

  2. They all look delicious. I want to try these beef short ribs sliders at home soon. Will look for recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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