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Foodie Pics!

It’s been a long week here in the PNW, with the snow storm and power outage that happened.  We have been stuck here at home for a week.  I made some comfort food and enjoyed some nice time with hubby!  So last Saturday (was safe to get out of the house) we watched the movie Haywire and ate at Red Robin (yum!)

Baked Penne with Italian sausage

Bake mussels with japanese mayo and tobiko(we always order this whenever go to sushi place)

soo goood!

chili with cornbread! I used chuck roast beef cut!

stir fry noodles!

I've been watching too much chinese cooking show! another stir fry dish!

i love stir fry!

crispy orange beef (my new fave lately)

green beans!


some kind of a cheese dip!

red robin burger!

blue cheese burger!



French toast (with lots of nutella) and bacon!


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One thought on “Foodie Pics!

  1. super love the crispy orange beef and the baked mussels.

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