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El Gaucho

We celebrated Valentines day with a dinner at El Gaucho (steakhouse in Seattle).  It was our first time to dine in this restaurant and decided to put the gift card from my in-law’s to use.  It didn’t disappoint!  We really enjoyed our first dining experience here.  The food was amazing (hubby was really happy with his steak), the ambiance was perfection (classy and romantic!), and the service was great.

vday gifts from hubby! my fave starbucks drink and roses!

our view..

they gave me a rose too!

my valentine:)

preparing our steak tartare

steak tartare and tuna tartare

mac and cheese

frenched rib chop


Filet medallions oscar style!


being silly!

creme brulee for dessert!

the girl who played with fire!

what a great night! time to go home:)


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One thought on “El Gaucho

  1. That’s a very romantic Valentine’s Day date.

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