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Another fun weekend with Hubby!  Date night on Friday (dinner at Wild Fin then watched the movie 21 jump street).  Saturday, we had dinner at my In-laws.  I had the best corned beef ever (my DIL prepared corned beef just because it’s St. Patricks day) then we bought some cupcakes at our fave cupcake shop here in Issaquah (Confetti Cupcakes).  Sunday we watched the PNB’s performance of Snow White then dinner at some weird Seattle restaurant named Unicorn!

Mac & Jack’s Amber ale battered, fried crisp, sesame slaw, mandarin oranges, fresh basil and cilantro

Topped with fresh basil and crumbled blue cheese.

enjoying my salad,and sliders!

Hawaiian rolls, WildFin pulled pork, buttermilk coleslaw.

confetti cupcakes in Issaquah,the best in WA!

corned beef,so tender!

St. Patricks day meal:)



outside Unicorn resto!

chili dog

they're famous for their corn dogs

their menu!

Hahaha, they have the Olsen twins burger!

salad and Unicorn Balls(it's just meatballs)

Snow white(image courtesy online),no pics allowed during the show

It's been fun weekend,time to relax with my loves for tomorrow is another busy day!



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2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Lovely weekend photos as usual. The food looks all so tempting and delicious!

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