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I had some great savings this week with cereals!  I was able to print the 4/4 kellogg’s coupon, and earlier this week Safeway had a cereal sale (BUY 8 promo thing),so from original price of $3.99 and the promo sale plus coupon, I was able to get it at $.99 each! SCORE!!! The Nivea lip balm was free because it was on sale for $.99 and I used the $1 coupon.  I was a happy shopper:)  The Safeway trip was really quick because I had no plans to buy anything else, I just wanted to use the cereal coupons so that left time to go check out Target!  Our Safeway and Target are in the same area so I don’t have to drive again just to go to another store (saves gas!) and I’m so glad that I checked Target out because I got a lot of great deals there too.

SCORE!! 8 cereals and 2 nivea lip product =$8 (original price $38). I saved $30..

Target shopping (Before sale:$40,after sale $22) and I used a gift card so No out of pocket cost for me)

My Walgreens trip, I have RR that will expire today(3/28) so I was forced to use it. We really don't need anything but I decided to use the RR for some things we can use this weekend. After sale and RR I only paid $3!!

Hubby wanted chicken wings for dinner tonight, so I decided to put some more coupons I had to use like my favorite coffee creamer. After sale and coupons I paid $25.

I’m linking up with Wednesday Weekly Shopping.


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