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Weekend Fun!

What a nice SUNNY weekend we had here in the Puget sound!  Hubby and I attended a marriage conference that our Church organized, it was a great one and I pray that we’ll apply all of the Biblical lessons we learned towards our marriage and through our marriage we can Glorify the Kingdom of God, after all it’s not all about us.  After the conference, we went to happy hour at John Howie Steak in Bellevue. We love their happy hour with its affordable and quality food:)  Then Sunday, we celebrated my Parents In Laws Birthdays.  We had lasagna and roast beef sandwiches that my Dad In Law prepared from scratch!  YUMMM! Hubby made tuna tartare for our appetizer and it was a HIT! I will post the recipe later this week! For now enjoy the pics!




Beecher’s Mac and Cheese

Ahi Poke


Visited the nursery

tuna tartare that Hubby made!

lasagna that my Dad In Law prepared!

Kathy and Zach!

Mom In Law Kathy

my permi (his new nickname)


Riley having carrot cake


He’s always the center of attention




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