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Red Thai Shrimp Curry

We had a simple curry dish for dinner tonight.  I bought the shrimp this weekend and I had planned to just roast them but Hubby prepared the tuna tartare last Sunday and we had a lot of extra ingredients like the coconut cream, lemon grass(they’re not cheap), and the red curry paste, so I just decided to make a Red Curry dish and use the shrimp instead of chicken (my choice of meat whenever I have curry).  I didn’t follow an exact recipe here but I did check Pioneer Woman’s curry recipe and the food network site to get some inspiration.  I sauteed the shrimps first for a couple of seconds because I wanted them cooked together with the spices.  Shrimp cook very fast and gets tough if you overcook them, so you gotta watch out!


lemon grass reminds me of Home(PI),we use this a lot in our soups

fish sauce,a must in every curry dish!

After the shrimps, I sauteed onions, garlic, ginger,red peppers, lemons grass (smells so good in the kitchen). Then I added 3 tablespoons of red curry paste, coconut cream, fish sauce. Let it  boil, then I added young sweet corn because I like it but you can add other veggies if you want (like carrots, peas). That’s it!

I removed the shrimps while cooking the other ingrdients:)

makes me happy that I used my basil plant in my dishes!

I added back the shrimps 2 minutes before the dish is done:)

top with basil!

made Thai Ice Tea to accompany the curry:)


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One thought on “Red Thai Shrimp Curry

  1. This curry looks soooooo good!! And I love all things shrimp so this would be a perfect dish for me to try soon! Well done.

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