The Adventures of a Calamari Queen

Filipina Foodie

Shopping at the Filipino store

I’m really lucky that we have a big Filipino store here in WA (seafood city).  It makes it easier for me to get the ingredients that are unique to filipino food whenever I get that craving.  The only disadvantage for me is that I end up spending SO MUCH because I have a hard time controlling myself buying food that I normally don’t buy when I’m still in the Philippines.  Filipino junk foods, candies and canned goods are my weakness because they remind me so much of home(PI)…which leads to me buying them, Oh well!  That’s why I “try” to go there only once or twice a month or else I’ll spend all our grocery budget in there! My poor American husband, he needs his american food too:)

blurry pics of ensaymada

my fave,perfect with my morning coffee

messy but I’m glad we have filipino store here in WA

starring ang jollibee spaghetti!

pork belly,milkfish,banana pear(saba) for banana-que


my supportive hubby wanted a pic of me and some filipino products

dried fish (I got danggit)

chicharon, pancit canton,itlog maalat




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