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Weekend Fun!!!

We had a quiet and relaxing weekend.  The weather is back to gray and raining most of the weekend.  Hubby and I had dinner at our local favorite restaurant (Coho cafe) and Saturday night we visited our friends Lena and Ethan and got to see their new baby.  This week I dropped my old camera and it’s totally broken now, we are thinking of getting a new camera maybe DLSR type but I’m not in a hurry to get it right now, and I also really want to pay it in cash so we have to save for that ASAP.  Hubby had a nice surprise from his work this week too, his company appreciates his hard work lately and gave him the new iPad, that’s what I’m using for my pics lately (I’m really liking the quality of the pictures too), it’s funny because Hubby was also gifted with an iPad(the first iPad ever)  2 years ago from another boss. Lucky Hubby!!

testing the iPad camera!

date night with hubby

watermelon salad..

pork slider

crab-avocado tower

jalapeño corn waffle



Hubby made nutella crepes for me this weekend!

antipasto kabobs that i prepared (thanks pinterest for the inspiration!)

RIP to my camera

thanks to hubby’s nice bosses:)


lots of cuddle time with our love love Riley!


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