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Weekend Fun!!

I know this is kind of a late post from our weekend activities,but I’m posting anyway!  Hubby’s co-worker  invited him to go geoduck digging, and he was so excited to do this and “convinced” me to go with him. Hubby was having a grand time and this makes me happy knowing he’s enjoying his Saturday!  It was a long day though because we had to get up early and drive to Seattle and take the Ferry going to Bainbridge Island (where they did the digging). I’ve never had Geoduck before so it was also an exciting thing for me to witness, it took a while to even get one. But in the end it was worth it.  I can finally say I had geoduck “meat”, sashimi style, and it was tasty!  On another note, we hired a gardener last week to clean our yard and they “prepared” the area for our vegetable planter/box ,so last Sunday afternoon my DIL helped Hubby to finalize the box and this coming weekend will probably go to Home Depot and get soil so I can plant all the herbs and veggies that I’ve been dying to plant!

we have to take Riley with us, there’s no way he’ll be in the crate for more than 5 hours!




I love Riley’s lashes here:)

Finally Geoduck!!

He’s making his own mess too!!

trying to get another one!

I think someone is ready to go home now…


I have to gave a picture too!


Hubby cleaned, sliced the meat so we can have it Sashimi style!

with wasabi!


enjoying the fruit of his labor!hehe

I’m so excited for the vegetable box!

Thanks for my DIL and Hubby!


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