The Adventures of a Calamari Queen

Filipina Foodie


I shopped at my usual stores again,Fred Meyer and Walgreens!  Fred Meyer is having a good deal with Beggin Strips (Riley’s fave treat) and I had a coupon for Buy 2 get 1 free and the classico sauce is 50% off right now (original price is 3.09,sale for 1.59).  I didn’t buy any meat on this trip because we went to our local meat and fish market here in Issaquah.  It’s salmon season again so we wanted to check it out! The Walgreens trip was great, the coffee creamer was a pretty good deal and I got my brother Seattle t-shirts that I will be sending to him together with other goodies!  His birthday is coming soon, anyways, it was a good couponing week for me and I’m tempted to get more coffee creamer tomorrow after my Zumba class (the gym and Walgreens are so close in my area) we’ll see….

Fred Meyer trip:Before Store sales and coupons $84; Paid:$41


Walgreens:before sales and coupons:$42; I paid $21


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