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My favorite deals this week were at Fred Meyer with their Buy 5,save $5 and it includes Kelloggs cereals.  The deal with cereals is that you can get free movie tickets if you send them “codes” that you can get in the cereals boxes, so anyways, we’ll have free tickets for the Spiderman movie and I’m excited that I’ve got it for free together with cheap cereals.  Back to the savings, I shopped at 3 stores this week (Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walgreens). These stores are less than 4 miles from our house and I did my shopping after my Zumba class, saves gas when I do it this way!  I wanted to take pictures separately so I can see the savings, but I did only 1 transaction per store. If you’re wondering about our meat and produce, we still have enough meat and fish for this week from our last visit to the meat/fish market last week. This was more of a stockpile shopping trip this week.

Safeway deal:I paid $7.25; I was so surprise to see a Filipino brand soy sauce but then they do have a little international section in the store!

Fred Meyer deal: taking advantage of their Buy 5,save $5 promo: I paid $7.50(after sales and coupons);and I will get a movie ticket when I send the movie codes from the cereal boxes (worth $15)..

Fred Meyer: I paid $11 (after sales and coupons),Original price of the dog treat is $6.49(it’s a big size) I did like this deal:)

Fred M: Before sales and coupons:$33; I paid $13.5(and I will get a movie ticket after I send the movie codes,so I’d like to think this is a very good deal!)

Fred M: Paid $2.78 (the lemonade was basically free after coupons)

Walgreens: After store sales and RR and coupons:around $5 (can’t find the receipt)

Walgreens:$6.14(after store coupon and mc)


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