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weekend fun!

We had a great Father’s day weekend here at home with my Hubby’s family. We prepared steaks,shrimp and enjoyed a coconut cream pie from the Dahlia Bakery for Father’s Day dinner. Hubby and I watched the movie Prometheus last Friday night at Seattle Cinerama (the best theater in Seattle but kinda expensive ,in my opinion) I got  a movie voucher that had free popcorn and that was expiring soon so I wanted to use it. Hubby wanted to watch the movie and enjoyed it but it’s not my kind of movie though. Before the movie, we had sushi and I ate too much salmon:-)





butter and chocolate popcorn…


steak tartare and onion rings


onion rings(Ina Garten recipe)

fave of the night,steak tartare..

roasted shrimp (Ina Garten recipe)

I forgot to include the steaks in the picture..

sweet potato fries

Father and Son

cantaloupe and berries

the best coconut cream pie in the world!!


Dad In Law

Mom In Law Kathy




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