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Tandoori Fire Bar and Grill

We had dinner at Tandoori Fire Bar and Grill restaurant in Redmond last Saturday night because Hubby has been kinda craving Indian food lately.  I’m not a big Indian food fan but I can take it.  The spices are kinda strong for my taste, so I tend to just eat the same thing(I always order chicken tikka masala). That’s the main reason why we rarely eat Indian dishes/cuisine, but Zach really likes Indian food.  It’s been a while now since we had Indian food, so I suggested to Zach that we check this place at Redmond.  The food was really good!  I liked all the dishes we ordered and the Mango Lassi was the best I’ve had.  So good that we had to create one at home because I can’t stop talking about it to my Hubs!  The food was great but the service was awful, they only had two people working on a busy Saturday night and we had to wait for our food for a while and it took our check 30 minutes to arrive or something.  Anyways, it was still a great night with my Junlaboo!

mango lassi and mango margarita (both are very good)



Garlic and basil Naan bread

Curried Mussels!SOOOOO GOOOODDD!!

Chicken Tikka

Tandoori Chicken


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