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Happy Birthday Riley!!

Today (June 30th) is our Riley Puss’s 2nd birthday!  My In laws will be coming over for dinner to celebrate our love’s birthday with us. Riley is our mini schnauzer who is such a blessing in our family.  We got him when he was only 10 weeks old, and now he’s 2!  Time just flies so fast, I do miss how tiny he was when we got him. I still remember when Zach could carry him in his palm.  Happy Birthday Riley Puss Bates, you are so loved! Some of my favorite pics of our birthday boy:

day we got him in the pet store!

first car ride,going home now!

playing with Phil and his first toy Mr. Blue

loves to be with Paposh all the time!


excited for his 1st christmas


Christmas 2010,our first with you!

you love our fireplace and new toys!

you are one brave little puss!

poor Riley..

showing off to Peanut!

sad because Paposh will go to work..

visiting Auntie!

Happy fatty Puss

your birthday last year! we had lunch at Panera Bread!

Auntie’s bday!

always waiting for Paposh.  So loyal!

you love hanging out with Auntie Till and sharing a cookie


meeting Lexy for the first time

Happy birthday to my napping buddy!

he loves paw massages,I think I will just give him massages for a bday gift!HAHA!


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