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Weekend Fun!!

This week was great, with lots of sunshine and I can honestly say summer is “officially” here in the PNW!  I’ve been enjoying my time in our yard and loving the feeling of “harvesting” the herbs we planted, and putting them to use is just great thing for me.  This weekend, Hubby and my Dad In law set up our summer table so I’m looking forward to eating outside more often in the comfort of our yard, and relaxing and loving the sunshine!  We also “babysat” Lexy yesterday afternoon while my In laws went biking, Riley had a great time. They are so funny together (so competitive yet so gently with each other) makes me laugh!  We finally saw the Amazing Spiderman movie and we really liked it a lot! Hubby even said that he liked this movie more than the previous spiderman movies:) Here are the bazillions of pics I took this weekend (still using the iPad, I can’t wait to get a normal camera!!)

lunch at our Fave Thai resto, scallop salad!


akong Bana ng salad,ako full meal!hahaha

sunbathing!hahahaha..he is the best!

lunch with MIL Kathy,after we took the dogs in the lake/park! Riley so cute (the only one looking at the camera)

Lexy Lou,so behaved while we had lunch at Panera Bread

me and the doggies

Friday night dinner at home;crab cakes and jumbo shrimp (from Gemini market)

cuddle time with Riley,waiting for Lexy so they can play together!

Lexy going for Riley’s neck!

Zach giving them a “warning” hahaha

Lexy showing Riley some girl power by hiding his orange ball!LOL

naptime,I promised I’ll give them a treat if they behave!

treat time!

and the’re back wrestling one another again!

nap time again…

DIL and Hubby

Hello Summer!!!

vegetable box

lettuce for salads later!

more than enough for me and hubby!!

basil leaves

thyme,I will use this for my herb butter

thyme in my herb butter

herb butter,this will be perfect for grill/roast veggies

parsley, I love parsley but Zach is not a big fan!

I made Crab and vermicelli noodles for dinner last night, I original wanted to put chives for garnish but the Parsley was in front of me and I got lazy to get out to the yard to get chives!hehe

free movie tickets because of my couponing!hehehe

4th of july colors?! (red,blue?)

yummy margarita and pizza after the movie!

greek and tuscany pizza!


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