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Alimango with sotanghon (crabs with rice vermicelli noodles)

I love crabs!  It’s one of my fave seafoods to eat and I don’t mind the cracking part (honestly, I do enjoy it!!  I know crazy, right?).  So when I saw this dish in my fave food blog (Original Recipe) I knew right away that this was a must dish to make in the future.  We are so lucky here in Pacific Northwest because we do have a great seafood selection (from salmon to crabs to shrimps). I got the crabs from our local fish market, it was kinda expensive but the crab meat was so worth it. Sweet and meaty:) Hubby requested to have it cleaned,but I did clean it again (scrub) before cooking just to make sure:)  This is a VERY simple dish. Once I cleaned and chopped the crabs(it was cooked already when we bought it, you can steam it if it’s still “live”), I then sautéed Garlic, Onion, and Ginger with olive oil. I then added chicken broth and the crabs, let it boil and then put in the pre-soaked noodles. Then salt and pepper to taste, if you want you can add soy sauce to add that deep color.  Garnish with chives or whatever herbs you have.  I used parsley because I happened to have some right in front of me.  You have to eat it right away because these kind of noodles tend to dry out so fast.  Serve with rice  if you want:-)   I will be making this again in the future (maybe next week!!)

smiley the brush and chopped crabs!

some of the ingredients




I still eat noodles with rice!!

crab meat!!


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