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Savings and Organized Stockpile/Pantry!!

I shopped at Walgreens and Fred Meyer this week. I had a couple of RR from wags that I wanted to use because they’re about to expire. I really didn’t want anything from Walgreens this week so I got something that I can use in the future, thus I got packaging tape.  I plan to send something to my family in the Phillipines before the year ends and I will be using lots of packaging tape.

After sale and RR,I paid $11.40

For my Fred Meyer Trip (Kroger affiliate) I took advantage of their mix and match promo this week.  My husband’s favorite cereal was included in the promo so I got 5 boxes (he’s been asking me since 2 weeks ago when can I get him Life cereal, but I told him to just wait another week and they’ll be on sale soon:-).  They also have a good deal on their milk this week ($1 for half gallon,normally they’re $1.85).  I also splurged on the Organic Chanterelle mushrooms because I wanted to try a recipe I saw online that need this kind of mushroom.  I organized our pantry this week and realized that we only had 1 ketchup and FM had ketchup on sale this week too, so I got 2.

I paid $44(after their mix and match promo and sale)

original price before sale  is  $74 🙂

Part of my “summer bucket list” is to clean and organize our house, one room at a time! This week I started with our pantry and laundry room.

This use to be our “I don’t want to deal with it right now room” hehe..boxes,coats,old shoes.

I’m a big coffee drinker so I always try to stock up with coffee and Kcups (they’re kinda expensive)


Laundry room



In our laundry room, we do have another pantry(smaller) where we put our opened boxes of pasta,cereals,and more condiments and candies.


Bottom part..


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