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Weekend Fun!

We had a great weekend here in the Puget Sound, with the weather hitting 90 F and the Blue Angels in town. I didn’t cook this weekend, thus we ate out and did take out.  I do not want to be in the kitchen cooking when it’s this hot out.   We finally saw the Dark Knight movie last Friday night and Hubby liked the ending so much:)  Today (Sunday) we also had a picnic at Kirkland Marina Park and got lucky because we saw a little of the Blue Angels performance. Our weekend in pictures:

friday night dinner at John Howie steakhouse!

Zach’s car got a wash!!


wedding in the park

made bagel with lox, red onions, and capers for my hubs!

Al fresco dinner before the movie!

Been wearing dresses during these hot summer days (wearing: target dress,sandals (gift from sister)

Kirkland Marina Park


silly dog!


our picnic food: milk tea and gyro

gyro,reminds me of shawarma in PI

cuddle buddy

with my lovey!(wearing:target shirt,old navy pants,toms shoes)

pretty flowers in the park!


sunday night dinner: craving for crispy KFC!go calories go!

mexican for my hubs!

chorizo  and beef tacos

weekend purchase: north face light weight raincoat jacket! i’m so loving the light cyan color:)


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