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Lake Sammamish Triathlon

I’m so proud of my Hubby!  He made it through and did a great job with his first Triathlon event last Saturday (Lake Sammamish Triathlon).  It was a long day for us as we had to get up around 5:30am and be there at 6:30am for the registration.  He was so tired but it was worth it.  He will most likely do it again next year or try another Triathlon event here in Seattle.  After the event we went home and took a nap, then had a late lunch at Red Robin:-)

Transition Area



My Dad In Law, supporting his son:)

getting ready for the biking part

one of the beneficiary of the event


this guy is amazing…

good job Bi!


I had the Buzzalo burger(buffalo chicken kind of burger)

Hubby’s fave burger:Bonzai burger

WIW: target top,hollister jeans, tory burch flipflops,coach bag


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