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Byways cafe and Podnah’s

This is just part 2 of our Portland trip, we got to visit Byways Cafe and Podnah’s BBQ restaurants.  We decided to check out these two just because Guy Fieri happened to feature them in his triple D show on the food network.  Someday the Hubs and I plan to visit and eat at ALL the restaurants that he visited, that’s the plan SOMEDAY!!

Downtown Portland here I come! I’m wearing a missoni sweater(target),hollister jeans,talbots boots,zara bag

New booties for the fall: Talbots boots,I got these boots for $34, original price of $169..SCORE!!!



handsome Hubs!

tuna melt:Albacore tuna salad and Tillamook cheddar cheese on grilled

Thinly sliced corned beef and Swiss cheese on grilled
marbled rye. Served with horseradish sauce on the side

this is to die for horseradish sauce

yummy milkshake

Portland Park


I got the Portland Starbucks mug,an addition to my collection..

pretty flower…

so excited to try their BBQ..

what to order…

PitBoss it is!

one of the best chicken wings!

the Ribs are so tender

Bye Oregon!

Hello Washington!

Riley was so tired and napped most of the night…


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