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Barefoot Contessa

This weekend the Barefoot Contessa visited Seattle and I just had to see and hear what she’s going to say.  I’ve always been a fan of her cooking and kitchen.  She is what I expected in person ( I think I’ve seen all her TV episodes).  She is warm, sincere, gracious and funny!  I totally enjoyed the event despite being alone and no one to share the excitement with:).  I didn’t get any decent pics from the event because it’s hard to get pics alone.  Anyways, I’m thinking of getting all her cookbooks (she’s got 8!).  I have two of her cookbooks, and my Hubby gave the consent already that I can have all her books:) Thanks Ga! I want me some INA!!!

yay, so excited!

before the show..


that’s me in the purple shirt,approaching the Barefoot Contessa



we had sushi after my Ina event!!I think Hubby is sick of me talking about Ina the whole day yesterday..

fatty salmon..



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