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Weekend Fun!

We had  a quiet weekend this week.  A movie (we watched Looper), dinner, and shoe shopping for my family back home and lots of cuddle time with our Riley:) Here’s some of our pictures from this weekend (mostly the food we had!!)

Friday night dinner: Roasted Shrimp (Ina Garten)

My Hubs preparing our friday dinner at home!

store brought Poke!

friday night dinner:poke,roasted shrimp,sashimi ahi

had 5 guys this weekend too!

saturday breakfast:eggs and dried squid (filipino breakfast)

cuddletime with Riley:)

watched this movie with my hubs and his parents!(pic online)

my In Laws

Carne Asada at the local mexican restaurant

ootd:hollister sweater,toryburch flats,coach bag (getting ready for sunday brunch)

French Toast
brioche, vanilla& seasonal fruit syrup

Tenderloin Benedict
cured tenderloin, poached eggs, ancho pepper paprika hollandaise & breakfast potatoes

happy sunday brunch @Flat Iron Grill

for my family back home!

sunday night dinner:chicken piccata and salad


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