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Thanksgiving Weekend and Birthday Celebrations!

Today is my Husband’s birthday but we celebrated it yesterday evening together with his Parents and Sister. We prepared Paella and it turned out great.  I was kinda nervous because this was our first time making this dish.  I thought it was simple based on the blogs and recipes we’ve read but when it’s your first time to make something, I’ve found that it’s not always smooth sailing.  I’m just so glad that it turned out well and my In laws  enjoyed it.  Hubs and I also watched two movies this weekend, Life of Pi and Skyfall. I really enjoyed them both. Tonight we’ll be going to Melting Pot to have a birthday dinner for my Hubs:)



almost done

Paella,family style!


with Riley

sis In Law Julia


about to blow candles from the bday cake my MIL baked!


whatiwore:skyfall movie:blazer:HnM,F21sweater,hollister pants,target shoes

had Pho after watching skyfall movie

spring roll with yummiest peanut sauce

enjoying my food:)


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