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I’m joining the No-Spend Challenge at the Living Well Spending Less FB page. It’s great because  a lot of families are joining too. I’m grateful that my hubs earns decent money and we are secure financially but with the times right now, one will never know! I really want to increase our emergency fund and savings, this challenge will help us in that area. We have expenses in the coming months, as a homemaker I’m in charge of our budget thus I want to be prepared. My husband is not on board in this challenge yet, and it’s OK. He asked that we still have a budget for eating out because he really enjoys that.  The only thing I asked from him is that he will help me STICK TO THE DINING OUT budget. I’ve already given up Starbucks this year and I’m doing well. I had Starbucks last Valentine’s day from the hubs and thats it. I still drink coffee but I make it at home. I’m excited and looking forward to this challenge!




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