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Hi all! Couple of weeks ago Hubs and I participated in the Seattle Restaurant week(it was a 2 week event) and we didn’t want to go to Seattle because of the traffic so we decided (lucky for us) to just go to one of our local restaurants that was participating, Sip restaurant. This is so convenient for us because it’s like 4 minutes from our house. We love our neighborhood! Anyways, this is our second time to do Seattle restaurant week at Sip (our first was 2 or 3 years ago). We like the ambiance there, so cozy and beautiful (we were seated near the fireplace and it was great!). The food was decent, I had the beef bourguignon and my Hubs had the duck confit. The Hubs dinner was just Ok for him but he totally enjoyed our appetizer that was the Sweet roll sliders. Dessert was nothing memorable, but all in all we liked the experience and will most likely be back again.



beef bourguinon

beef bourguignon

duck confit with gnocchi

duck confit with gnocchi







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