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Seafare Weekend!

Hello Friends! A couple of weeks ago, we went to Alki beach in Seattle (met with my In laws, they went biking that day) to see some “pirates” as part of the Seafare 2015 activities this year. It was Okay for me and we’ll probably not do it again next time just because it was too crowded, too loud (from the pirate cannons) and too hot especially for Riley! The parking was terrible, we had to walk almost a mile just to park the car. We did enjoy hanging out with my In laws for a while  though and got some Filipino products after from Foulee (one decent Asian market in Seattle .) Hope you’re having a great day, we are enjoying some sunshine here in the Pacific Northwest and it’s just glorious:)

2015-07_06_DSC_4645 2015-07_06_DSC_4646 2015-07_06_DSC_4647 2015-07_06_DSC_4652 2015-07_06_DSC_4654 2015-07_06_DSC_4662 2015-07_06_DSC_4668 2015-07_06_DSC_4670 2015-07_06_DSC_4678 2015-07_06_DSC_4681 2015-07_06_DSC_4686 2015-07_06_DSC_4691 2015-07_06_DSC_4692 2015-07_06_DSC_4693 2015-07_06_DSC_4697 2015-07_06_DSC_4699


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