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Ohana restaurant opened a couple of weeks ago in Issaquah, in the old La Costa place (Mexican restaurant that’s been in Issaquah for 30 years). Hubs and I were really looking forward to trying this place because we love sushi and some Hawaiian dishes like spam musubi, kalua pork, and poke. After Church last Sunday we finally decided to check Ohana (they also have one in Belltown), I personally had high expectations because I noticed they’ve been under construction for a while now so they must be doing something big in there! I really liked the atmosphere the moment we entered,  It did remind me of our vacation in Maui years ago. It was spacious too! The servers were attentive and really friendly. The food was decent, I ordered Loco Moco (the meat was too well-done for my liking but the sauce/gravy was flavorful) the one I had in Maui is still the best for me though. We shared an order of spam musubi, which had too much rice in our opinion (there’s this place in Renton that serves good spam musubi (Aloha Grill)) and Hubs had sushi. He thinks it was pricey for what he got. Over all a good experience but we probably won’t be back for a while just because the value wasn’t there for the price.  The sushi was pretty over priced for the portion size / quality.


IMG_1501 IMG_1503

Miso Soup


Loco Moco

IMG_1506 IMG_1508

This was really good! Salmon and Yellow tail..



Liking this gravy on my Loco Moco dish!



Spam Musubi



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